Jerica Edwards is an impassioned hairstylist known for her versatility, spirit of excellence, and keen attention to detail. Cosmopolitan is one of the many words to describe Jerica's style of work. Her body of work shows her cultural attitude and ability to create looks that not only cross all genres but are timeless, clean, and fresh with a modern twist.

It was in her teens that Jerica discovered her love for hair. Her fascination began with the desire to study and become knowledgeable about the care and health of hair. She began to accumulate a library of books and magazines all about hair that became apart of her daily reading rituals. That also began her desire to gain great understanding of all hair textures and has become a staple in her career. Enthralled with the desire to make others feel beautiful, it was then that she was captivated by hair's ability to change lives. 

From the everyday woman to models and celebrities, her goal is to give each client an experience they've never had through the power of hair. Jerica's philosophy is that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. She believes that there is something beautiful about each individual and she simply enhances that beauty one hair strand at a time.

Hailing from Memphis, this is where her career began but also the city that built not only her hunger and drive but her work ethic, skills, and desire to give back. Although her work spans from coast to coast, Jerica has a heart for home. It is her heart's desire to give back from her career and help fellow artists from her home town to reach the pinnacle of their careers but to also help more mothers to see and know that anything is possible even after motherhood begins. From tips to encouragement or speaking at the premiere BTC Symposium in Memphis, she hopes to realize this dream even more. 

Her resume' includes a host of magazines, brands, and celebrities, including but not limited to her most recent work including Pantene Gold Series, Afrosheen, Ava Duvernay's 'Naomi' for the CW,  Nickelodeon, InStyle Magazine, & on the set of 'Women of the Movement' for ABC.

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